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Cascading Wedding Bouquets

A cascading wedding bouquet - also known as a teardrop wedding bouquet or a trailing wedding bouquet has a mass of flowers at the top, with more flowers and/or foliage flowing down from it, resulting in a teardrop shape.

Modern brides can tailor the cascading bouquet to their taste. 


Compact teardrops with two or three flower varieties give a very sophisticated look.

Cascading Wedding Bouquets

Hand Ties

Hand ties can be naturalistic, loose posies or a more compact, tightly structured bouquet.

Each hand-tied bouquet is gradually built-up stem by stem, neatly arranging the flowers & greenery in place.

The bouquet is rotated until a nicely, well rounded shape is achieved.

The stems are then tied, trimmed and finished with a ribbon or lace of your choice

Hand Ties


Buttonholes - also referred to by the French term, Boutonniere which are worn on the lapels of the Groom's party.

The Groom's buttonhole often mirrors the colour and style of the Bride's bouquet.


The Groom can also add a sentimental touch of his own, for example a sports charm.



It's up to the Bride to decide which of the guests will wear a corsage.   Tradition states that it's usually the Mothers and Grandmothers of the Bride & Groom.

The corsage, with a feminine touch such as ribbon, lace or beading may be pinned to dresses or coats or can be created as a bracelet to be worn on the wrist.

Some also prefer to add a corsage to their hat or bag.


Unity Candle Arrangements

Unity candle arrangements are a large pillar candle with two smaller taper candles on either side.  The Bride & Groom light them at the beginning of the ceremony to show their separate lives as individuals and once the vows are exchanged they then light the unity candle together, as this symbolises the uniting of the couple - a pledge of love between the Bride & Groom and their commitment towards their future together as husband & wife.

Often a unity candle is decorated with an inscription, a photo of the couple or other ornamentation.  The candles are almost always white or cream. 

The unity candle arrangment can be made with fresh or artificial flowers.  Many couples take the arrangement to the reception and use if for the Bridal table or cake table (without the candles).

Unity Candles
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